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**We are currently raising funds for our new Storefront Studio flooring.**
To make your flooring donation, please choose the Production and Enrichment fund below and specify "new flooring" in the "additional instructions" box. To see a full list of endowments, funds and awards, please visit the No Debt for Dancers page.

The Department of Dance Production and Enrichment Fund provides unrestricted support for innovative programming, diverse guest artists, and special projects prioritized by the department head. If you would like your gift to go to one of these projects, please indicate that in the “Additional Instructions” section after you click “Continue” below.

When you click “Continue” at the bottom of the page, you will be linked to the University of Illinois Foundation secure website, which will collect your gift information. Please contact Bethany Whoric with any questions.

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This unrestricted fund supports innovative programming, diverse guest artists, and returning alumni for teaching, performing, and choreographing.


Scholarships allow students to participate in festivals and workshops around the world for experiences that can be a turning point in their education.


This fund supports guest artist residencies, a tradition of the Department of Dance initiated in the late 1950s by Margaret Erlanger, the seminal founder of Dance at Illinois. This gift was made in 2022 upon Erkert’s retirement by the Dance Partners Advancement Committee (DPAC) in honor of her innovative leadership and lasting imprint on the Department of Dance.


Founded by Richard Erickson, this award enables dance alumni to return to the campus to teach, perform, choreograph, and provide career networking for current students.


This merit-based award founded by community members Dirk Mol and Jerry Wray supports underrepresented/minority first-year students.

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