Mahomet Aquifer ProjectIs the GRE required?

The GRE is not required for admission into the MFA program.

Can I apply for admission in the spring semester?

Students cannot begin coursework in the spring semester.

Do I need to audition to get into the MFA program?

An on-campus audition is required for admission into the MFA program.

If I cannot attend the audition dates listed on the website, can I schedule a special audition?

It is important that MFA committee members see all candidates interacting and teaching together so that we can make the best selection for an incoming class. We cannot accommodate special auditions.

I cannot travel to campus for the audition dates. Can I submit a video audition instead?

Applicants must audition in person on campus. We cannot accept students into the program unless we have the opportunity to evaluate them in person.

Are scholarships available for travel to the audition?

A small amount of funding is available to subsidize travel costs. These funds are awarded on the basis of applicants' prescreening videos. All applicants are automatically considered for a scholarship and will be contacted via email after the audition is over if chosen to receive funding.

Can I include a self-addressed, postage-paid envelope with my application materials so that they can be returned after the audition process is over?

Application materials are not returnable. Please do not send a postage-paid envelope.

Is there a page limit for the personal/artist's statement?

We have no page limit. Each individual should determine the proper length.

How long should my work samples be?

Length is not as important as what you include. Use your judgment about what best represents you as a choreographer, but we would prefer to see at least two full-length works.

I don't have Internet access. Can I get a paper application?

Paper applications are not accepted from domestic applicants. If you are an international applicant and would like a paper application, please contact Graduate and Professional Admissions.

Where can I stay while auditioning on campus?

Many students choose to stay at either the Illini Union Hotel or the Hampton Inn. Both are within walking distance of campus.

How will I get from my hotel to campus?

If you would prefer not to walk, bus service is available through the Champaign-Urbana Mass Transit District. Check local listings for taxi service.

How many students are in the MFA program?

Only four students are admitted each year. No more than 12 are in the program at the same time.

Are musicians used for dance technique classes?

Musicians provide accompaniment for all major technique courses.

What performance opportunities are offered to students?

Students can audition for the department's four main-stage productions per year, along with site-specific works and additional student projects.

How valuable is an MFA at this point in my career?

Hear for yourself from respondents to the Strategic National Arts Alumni Project.

Who can I contact for more information?

For more information about the application and audition process and our MFA program, email mfa-admissions@illinois.edu.