MFA CurriculumEach student must complete 60 credit hours of graduate-level courses (400 level and above) to earn a degree.

MFA requirements include:

  • Physical Practice, 6 hours
  • Composition, 4 hours
  • Historical and Theoretical Studies, 8 hours
  • Somatics in Dance Training, 3 hours
  • Graduate Synthesis Laboratory, 8 hours
  • Performance, 2 hours
  • Thesis, 8 hours
  • Out of Department, 4 hours
  • Electives, 17 hours

Electives include independent study, advanced research, supervised teaching, and workshops in technology, digital media, performance, and physical practice. Electives may also include courses from outside the department as long as they are at the 400 or 500 level.

Graduate minors are available in several other disciplines. Students should discuss the possibility of pursuing a minor with their MFA advisors.