About the BFA CurriculumThe BFA requires 130 hours of credit with approximately 65 percent in dance courses, 25 percent in general education courses, and 10 percent in electives. This ratio meets the National Association of Schools of Dance standards for undergraduate degree programs. In addition to at least seven technique classes per week each semester, students must complete work in improvisation, choreography, anatomy and kinesiology, teaching methods, dance history, music for dancers, production, and mind-body disciplines. Consult the Academic Catalog for additional details.

Minors and Dual Majors

We do not offer a minor in dance. Dance majors, however, can choose to minor in another field. Recently our students have completed minors in business, psychology, philosophy, cinema studies, and international arts. Some students major in dance and focus other coursework as a foundation for an advanced degree in a different field. Our alumni have earned master's degrees in dance therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, and journalism.

Students may also pursue a dual major and earn two bachelor's degrees while at Dance at Illinois. A second degree requires a minimum of 160 credit hours and most often takes more than eight semesters to complete. See the information on concurrent degrees from the College of Fine and Applied Arts for more details.

Yoga Teacher Certification Program

We are happy to announce that Dance at Illinois will be offering a 200-hour yoga teacher certification program beginning in the fall of 2018. After completing five yoga-specific courses, as well as the required courses DANC 345: Dance Kinesiology and DANC 450: Teaching Workshop, you will be able to register with Yoga Alliance as a registered yoga teacher at the 200-hour level (RYT 200).

Study Abroad

Dance at Illinois maintains exchange programs with Taipei National University of the Arts in Taiwan and the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance in Israel. Through Illinois Abroad and Global Exchange our students have also traveled to France, Italy, and South Africa. We continue to build new partnerships with schools around the world to provide a global perspective on our art form and expand our students' possibilities for discovery and growth.

"I am extremely fortunate to have performed multiple times over in Austria, Belgium, Canada, Estonia, France, Germany, Lebanon, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Singapore, Switzerland, Turkey, and around America. . . . It has taken passion, hard work, and a lot of sacrifice—qualities I learned every Saturday rehearsing in the Nevada Studios from 10am to 5pm, wishing I could be a 'normal' college student. I'm exceedingly thankful that I was pushed beyond being normal."

—Elisabeth Conner (BFA 2007), dancer and company manager for Nature Theatre of Oklahoma