Studiodance II 2019To be eligible for admission to the BFA or BA program, you must complete the university application and audition for Dance at Illinois. Once you have completed both steps, the Office of Admissions and the Department of Dance make a joint decision regarding your acceptance into the BFA or BA program.

Application Process

  1. After submission of your university application, you will be required to submit your high school transcripts, your ACT/SAT test scores (not required for 2021/2022 because of COVID-19), and an application fee before being considered for academic review.
  2. Register for one of the audition dates below.

Notification of Results

Regular admission deadline: January 5, 2022

Admission notification: Mid-February 2022

Audition Information

2020–2021 Audition and Open House Dates (In Person)

The audition is designed to give our faculty members a comprehensive view of your technical and creative abilities and help them learn about your background and interests in the dance field.

Friday–Saturday, November 12–13, 2021: Open House and Auditions

Friday–Saturday, February 4–5, 2022: Open House and Auditions

Saturday, January 22, 2022: Auditions in Chicago (Dovetail Studios)

Dates subject to change.

The audition consists of:

  1. Technique portion with ballet, modern, and African dance.
  2. Solo composition showing a piece you have choreographed. The solo, no more than three minutes long, should be designed to demonstrate your creativity and show your abilities as a performer. We are not interested in seeing technical tricks as much as seeing your individuality and sense of self in your performance. The solo can be performed in silence or with music.
  3. Interview with faculty.

How to Dress

Please wear dance clothing that shows the lines of your body, such as leotards and tights or dance pants for women and a t-shirt and dance pants for men. If you have long hair, it should be pulled back. You will need ballet slippers for the ballet combinations and bare feet for the modern portion of the audition. Please make sure to bring a mask for COVID protocols and safety.

Financial Aid

If you audition before March, you will automatically be considered for a Talented Student Tuition Award. March applicants may be eligible also if funds are still available. These awards are granted to auditioning students who demonstrate an unusually high level of talent and potential, and they cover four years of study in our program, provided the recipient remains a student in good standing. These awards are applied directly toward your tuition bill and cannot be applied toward fees or charges for room and board. Other awards, scholarships, grants, and loans are available, and employment opportunities through the Federal Work-Study Program and on and off campus can help you fund your education. Get more information from the Office of Student Financial Aid.

Transfer Applications

Transfer students are welcome to apply. The audition process is the same as the one for entering freshmen. The length of study for transfer students is determined on an individual basis and depends on technical level, rate of technical and creative development, and number of transferable courses.

Online Video Auditions during Fall 2021 and Spring 2022

We highly recommend attending your audition in person if possible. If you cannot make it to a live audition, or if COVID protocols change and the State of Illinois goes back to phase 3 or 4, we will be conducting auditions online. You may submit a video audition by following these instructions.



"Teaching was always my passion and the dance department gave me the tools and knowledge I needed to grow our school to nearly 400 students in 5 years."

—Andrea Fenwick Trench (BFA 2004), co-owner of Elite Dance Academy