Online Auditions

Online Auditions

Choreography Combinations

Please learn the material from all three audition videos posted. Videotape yourself performing the combinations. Use a separate video file for each technique/style.

For musical accompaniment, you may use the audio from the audition videos or use your own.


Perform a piece that you have choreographed. The solo, 1–3 minutes long, should be designed to demonstrate your creativity and show your abilities as a performer. We are not interested in seeing technical tricks as much as seeing your individuality and sense of self in your performance. The solo can be in silence or with music.

Once we have received your audition videos, we will contact you to set up an interview.

Upload Instructions for Audition Materials

Each file must be labeled with the applicant’s last name, first name, and the submission type. Examples:
Smith, John_Audition Ballet
Smith, Janet_Audition Modern
Smith, Janet_Audition Hip Hop
Smith, Janet_Audition Solo

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