Krannert Center

Dance Rehearsal KrannertKrannert Center for the Performing Arts—the premier university-based arts complex that features dance, music, and theatre performances—offers stimulating resources for our work. Dance Rehearsal Krannert (DRK) is a flexible theatre with state-of-the-art technology, lighting, and sound equipment. Sprung floors create warmth in this spacious rehearsal and performance studio. DRK, our main dance studio at Krannert Center, is outfitted with a high-bandwidth network for collaborative performance possibilities.

The Drama Rehearsal Room (DRR) is an intimate white cube used for dance classes.

The Colwell Playhouse, the site of our largest productions, has seating for 678 people. With its full-stage cyclorama, large-format projector, flexibility to create an orchestra pit, spacious wings, full range of lighting equipment, and complete audio system, this theatre can be transformed to suit any dance work.

The Studio Theatre is a 3,000-square-foot black box that can seat up to 200 people in thrust, proscenium, stadium, or arena arrangements. Assorted lighting choices, a rear projection cyclorama, a flexible rigging system, scrims, and stage draperies allow for diverse productions. The audio booth has a mixer, recorders, and amplifiers, and speakers can be added as needed.