Mission and Vision

VisionMahomet Aquifer Project

Dance at Illinois will be a national epicenter for the development of dance artists/leaders.


The mission of Dance at Illinois is to contribute to Dance's positive impact on the world, as a distinctive generator of new knowledge and as a vital cultural agent and signifier. We activate the power of Dance to root out historically unbalanced, hierarchically oppressive perspectives and are committed to investigating the dynamic intersections between research and teaching in academic, professional, and community settings. We promote ethical, anti-racist, and progressive practices, operating from a deeply held belief that diversity and inclusion are critical for the advancement of the artform and for humankind. Utilizing a range of experimental and canonic approaches, we generate choreographic, pedagogical, performative, and scholarly research that centers Dance in global discourse. We aim to forge innovative and sustainable lives as artist educators and to model that practice widely, compelled by our collective, passionate dedication to Dance as a transformational process.  

Domains of Knowing

Reflection, Context, Inquiry, Agency, and Synthesis

"This has been so heartening to hear about your experiments. It's a wonderful example of curriculum as creative process and a program that's bursting with innovative approaches and modeled values through practice. It's very much a thinking person's dance program. Responsive to the shifting field, but not reactionary."

—Maura Donohue in Movement Research: Critical Correspondence