Katja Lindholm


Katja LindholmKato Lindholm is a former professional ballroom US National Finalist, World Finalist, and recipient of 2008 and 2009 Dancers Cup Tour Professional Couple of the Year awards. Since retiring from competitions, Lindholm has collaborated with other artists and has choreographed original works with Alex Tecza. Lindholm has performed Heart at Low Tide 2 by Rebecca Nettl-Fiol at the American Dance Guild Festival in New York City, co-choreographed and performed in the Lyric Theatre @ Illinois' productions of My Fair Lady and The Merry Widow, and co-choreographed and performed in Stay with Alex Tecza at the Harvest Chicago Contemporary Dance Festival, among other venues. Lindholm is a fellow with the US Terpsichore Association and teaches students of all levels with the goal of providing them with a strong technical foundation while encouraging every dancer to achieve mastery of their own body as a means for personal expression.