Abby Zbikowski

Abby Zbikowski's ResearchMy creative research probes dance aesthetics and the ways we represent our various cultural value systems regarding the body and art through choreography.  I have a particular interest in punk and hip-hop cultures, as my experiences with them have been extremely influential on my choreographic work. I find both cultures interested in what is authentic, what is functional/purposeful, and how those ideas can be expressed through distinctly stylized choices that communicate an outlook on the world.

I named my company Abby Z and the new utility because I am interested in continuously redefining dance by unearthing new functions for it with each project, which subsequently allows new forms to emerge. My aim is to create in order to represent the vernacular of the individuals I work with and to expose the value in what we are all capable of physically doing in our own way. I am interested in creating work rugged and adaptable enough to be performed in a range of places, dominating enough in its physicality to create a spectacle enticing for even the most untrained dance eye, and visceral enough to elicit some sort of kinesthetic empathy from its onlookers.

Abby Zbikowski's ResearchI do not take for granted that there is a clearly defined home for this work. It synthesizes a lot of aesthetics and therefore has cultural information that needs extra time and attention to understand. So, inherently, my work takes on another function, which is to make a space for itself. I am interested in continuing to show work in a range of communities and public spaces to create interest in and conversation around this kind of hybrid dance work.